We view sponsorship as a way of actively connecting with something we, and our customers, care about. This is reflected in our sponsorship of youth charity, Blue Light and our partnership with Eden Park Trust.

Eden Park

AA Insurance is proud to be an Eden Park partner

At AA Insurance we’re focused on what’s important to our customers, staff and community, so our collaboration with Eden Park is the perfect way to support some of New Zealand‘s most popular pastimes, including sport.

We’re thrilled to come on board as Eden Park enters a busy international schedule of matches that will captivate New Zealand. Eden Park is an incredibly well respected and iconic brand, with a rich history, so we feel honoured to have our brand feature alongside theirs.

Each year, more than half a million sports and entertainment fans from around the world visit Eden Park. Eden Park successfully hosts sell-out crowds of approximately 50,000 on match days and hosts over 1,000 non-match day functions.

Blue Light

AA Insurance has partnered with nationwide youth charity Blue Light to support young New Zealanders, helping them to make good decisions and develop strong self esteem since 2010.

Blue Light is a community-based policing initiative that aims to reduce youth offending numbers and foster good relationships between young people, their parents, the police and community.

We chose to support Blue Light because of its great community focus. Blue Light strives to make our young people stronger and our communities safer, by running programmes that expose youth to different, healthy experiences.  It’s a remarkable organisation and we’re proud to be helping them reach more young people.

Blue Light works with 200,000 young people throughout New Zealand and AA Insurance is providing funding and support to help raise Blue Light’s profile and deliver a range of programmes including leadership camps and handbooks for youth.

We view our partnership with Blue Light as making an investment back into the community.