Growing our own at AA Insurance: Kat Kaho


Kato'one Kaho

Previous role: Distribution Solutions Manager
Current role: Digital Delivery Manager

What have you done to drive your own development?

AA Insurance was my introduction to the insurance industry so I have embraced every learning opportunity.  I have worked in different business units and I’ve endeavoured to learn as much as I can in each area and build lasting relationships.  This has meant that when I’ve needed to know something it’s been easy to connect with those who have the knowledge and learn from them.

What does it mean to you to be given this new opportunity?

It’s a great opportunity for me to gain insight at a strategic level both for the BAU (business as usual) running of the company but also be involved in driving projects and strategic initiatives.  For example, being the product owner for Policy Self Service has been very exciting and has challenged me to grow in both my technical knowledge and people skills.

What message would you give to others looking at developing their own career?

These are some of the things that have helped me in my career development:

  • Role model - whatever role you are in, excel at it and be a role model of work ethic.  This will make you someone whom your Team Leader or Manager is happy to support and endorse.
  • Be proactive - own your career development, don’t leave it to your leader.  You instigate the conversations and develop a plan that you can collaborate with your leader on.  Look for support from your leader rather than expecting them to plan your career for you.
  • Explore – be open to lateral moves as it will help you expand your knowledge.  Leaders across the business are very approachable and encouraging.  If you are interested in an area or role, then build relationships with the relevant people.
  • Carpe diem! - finally when opportunities come up, do your homework, ask for help and seize it.

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