Natural Disaster Cover Excess

What is a Natural Disaster Cover Excess?

This is the excess for your AA Insurance Home Insurance policy for EQ-exempt damage. This is damage caused by an EQC event and will apply to items that are not covered by the Earthquake Commission, such as driveways, fences and swimming pools. These items are, however, covered under your Home Insurance policy.

Why has AA Insurance added a Natural Disaster Cover Excess?

Increasing claims and reinsurance costs have had an impact on our home insurance premiums. To help manage the impact of these costs on premiums, we’ve introduced this excess.

What is an EQC covered event?

The EQC not only covers loss or damage caused by an earthquake, but other events such as landslips, volcanic eruptions, hydrothermal activity and tsunamis.

When will I have to pay a Natural Disaster Cover Excess?

*EQC covers up to a cap of $150,000 (excl GST) of damage to your home and AA Insurance provides top-up cover over this amount.

What does the EQC cover?

To find out more about what EQC covers and what they don’t, please visit