We are here to help

We understand things can be uncertain and stressful when the unexpected happens but, rest assured, we’ll get things sorted as quickly as possible.

Many Kiwis need a helping hand to recover from the recent cyclone and storms. Our focus is to review and resolve customer claims as efficiently as possible. We have established a dedicated Weather Events team, and many of our suppliers are bringing on extra team members to assist us in getting claims sorted.

Our experienced team is ready to help

New claims

If you need immediate help with urgent repairs to make your home safe or to arrange emergency accommodation, please call us on 0800 500 216. We are prioritising these types of claims to help those most in need first. You can also lodge your claim online.

Our Call Centre is available 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 6pm on weekends and public holidays. If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance, you can also Live Chat with the team from 8am-6pm seven days a week.

Existing claims

AA Insurance is currently helping a lot of customers with repairs and recovery. We have extra people on hand, and many of our suppliers are bringing on extra team members to assist us to get claims sorted as quickly as possible. If you have lodged a claim or made an enquiry with us, you can have confidence we will be in touch as soon as we can.

We’ll continue to keep you updated over the phone, via email or SMS. If you have any concerns about your claim or need to send us any additional information, please email myclaim@aainsurance.co.nz with your claim number in the subject line and your query will be automatically assigned to your claim. Alternatively, our claims team is available 8am -8pm Monday to Friday on 0800 500 216, if you require something urgently.

What to expect

Home claims

Latest updates

  • We’re currently experiencing delays for some geotechnical engineering land assessments. This means further delays in reports required to progress some claims.

  • Where your EQC claim is accepted and depending on the damage and cover available, settlements could vary. In most instances, AA Insurance will arrange for your EQC claim to be settled with a cash payment.

  • We’ve partnered with Morgan Project Services (MPS) for some flood claims. MPS also help with our business-as-usual claims and have experience helping AA Insurance customers for over 10 years. If MPS has been assigned to your claim, they will assign a Project Manager for the duration of your claim. We’ll also assign a Customer Manager from AA Insurance who will work alongside your Project Manager to ensure your claim progresses. They’ll also be available for any queries about your insurance cover.

  • If you have selected to use your own builder to get a quote and haven’t already sent us a quote, please send this through to myclaim@aainsurance.co.nz with your claim number in the subject line, and we will review and contact you as soon as we can.

Contents claims

Latest updates

  • If you haven’t yet sent your Customer Manager details of your claim and what has been lost or damaged, please provide us with photos and we’ll look after the rest. Once we’ve reviewed your claim (photos, details of what’s lost/damaged), we will be able to progress with settlement. In the majority of cases, we will look to cash settle, however, this depends on your claim and is at our discretion.

Car claims

Getting your insurance sorted

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