Car insurance tips

Ever wondered if your insurance covers you when you're off-road, or if the kind of car you drive affects your premium? This section answers these common questions and more.

Importantly, it also provides information about insurance provided for restricted and learner drivers, drivers under 25 years of age and international drivers.

Common car insurance questions

  • Car insurance myths and legends busted
  • Answers to common car insurance questions
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Learner and restricted drivers insurance

  • The importance of complying with license conditions
  • Examples of what may not be covered for learner and restricted drivers
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Young drivers car insurance

  • Why under 25 drivers need to be named on a policy
  • Insurance for under 25 drivers with their own car
  • Affordable insurance options for under 25 drivers
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Insurance for international drivers

  • Tips for International drivers in New Zealand
  • Where to go for more information
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