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For those in home-improvement mode, spring is a great time to give your lawn some TLC. A lush, green lawn really sets off your home and is the pride and joy of many gardeners! Our friends at Tui garden products have shared their top tips to grow a beautiful lawn.

1. Preparation is key

Spring and autumn are the best times to sow a lawn. To ensure you have a successful lawn the soil needs to be in the best possible condition to give lawn seed the best chance of germination. Remove any unwanted weeds and grass, and add Tui Lawn Preparation Mix to the area to provide lawn seed with a base of essential nutrients and fertiliser to promote fast germination of lawn seed and sustained growth.

2. Select the right blend of seed

Choose the right variety for your backyard. Whether you need a low maintenance lawn, a hardwearing lawn for high traffic areas, a fine textured lawn, a drought tolerant lawn for sandy soils, or are trying to grow a lawn in a shady spot, the Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed range has the perfect seed for you. Sow seed on a fine day at the rate set out on the packaging.

3. Water your lawn well

Whether you have a new or existing lawn, keep it well watered for lush growth, particularly as the weather warms. Well watered, well nourished lawns will have a better chance of keeping weeds, pest insects and diseases at bay.

4. Keep your lawn nourished

Feed your lawn to encourage lush, thick, green growth. For established lawns, fertilise in spring, early summer and autumn. For new lawns, wait until after you have mown your new lawn three or four times.

5. Mow it right

Don’t mow too low to the ground as it will cause the lawn to die and brown off. In summer cut the lawn high, it helps the roots from drying out. For a new lawn, don’t be tempted to mow your new lawn straight away – wait until it has grown to at least 5cm so the root system has had time to develop.

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