Getting into the swing of things at Eden Park

Eden Park, home of rugby, cricket…and now golf? For the first time ever, for eight days in November, Eden Park was transformed into an incredible nine-hole golf course.

Golf is the highest club participation sport in New Zealand, with 500,000 Kiwis playing the game each year and around 5 million rounds of golf played annually!

The Eden Park G9 Golf event added to New Zealand golfing statistics, with 2,880 golf fans, stadium enthusiasts and give-it-a-go hot shots alike hitting 28,880 balls from the stands at Eden Park – there were even four holes in one!

As an icon partner of Eden Park, AA Insurance supported the event by sponsoring the fourth hole on the course, which was in the South Stand of the park and was appropriately named ‘The hole course covered’.We gave a very excited group of AA Insurance customers the opportunity to have a round of golf on Saturday 4 November.

Our fun photo-booth activation on the AA Insurance hole, ensured they had a special memento of their history-making moment to take home and put on the fridge.

The clubs are now gone and the holes have been filled in as the Eden Park turf team prepares Eden Park for its traditional summer code, cricket!

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