Good Sorts get sport sorted

Is there a person in your school or local sports club who deserves to be recognised for their hard work? Perhaps it was a ref, coach, or the guy who washed the team uniforms? How about the lady who drove everyone to the game before cutting the oranges for the team?

Chances are they’re one of the 750,000 sports volunteers who give over 50 million hours of their time every year to make grassroots sport happen.*

We want to recognise that there are plenty of Kiwis who work quietly behind the scenes to keep sport sorted in New Zealand.

Our Good Sorts of Sports campaign that encourages Kiwis to nominate their own Good Sort of Sport to say ‘thanks’ for putting their time and energy into helping others. So what’s up for grabs? The grand prize is $10,000 for the local school or sports club that the Good Sort of Sport helps out at.

Henry Perenara is one of the NRL referees proudly supported by AA Insurance. For Henry, his heroes are his first two coaches, John Cargill and Brian Stevens from the New Lynn Stags, who helped him to get where he is today.

“John and Brian both made rugby league so enjoyable and taught me so much. To this day, I am still learning from them, sport in New Zealand simply wouldn’t run without volunteers - from the coaches, to the people running the clubs, to the mums in the club cafes”.

So go here and tell us how your Good Sort of Sport does such an awesome job. Nominations close 1 October, 2016.

* Source: Sport NZ

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