6 handy home life hacks

It’s fair to say we know our stuff here at AA Insurance, especially when it comes to handy hints and clever tips for helping prevent damage to the stuff you love, or at least making things a little easier.

So, here’re a few ideas if you find yourself asking ’What do I do when.....?’

Your precious stuff

  • Don’t leave it until it’s too late to protect the images, video and data on your phone – the best thing you can do is back up your data, and then you can rest assured that if something happens to your phone your precious memories are safely uploaded to an online service like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud. Another tip is to be careful where you take your phone; for example, don’t take it into the toilet with you. You’d be amazed how many end up in the porcelain, and water is one of the main causes of phone damage and loss of data, along with phones that are dropped, lost or stolen.

In your backyard

  • If you love a good BBQ and you use gas, when you’re done turn the gas off at the bottle for safety so that the remaining gas in the line burns through.

  • To help avoid paint tray clean up – put your paint tray inside a plastic bag before pouring in the water. Once you’ve finished the job, pull the plastic bag off inside out and you’ll be left with no mess and a clean paint tray.

In your home

  • If you don’t want to mark your hardwood floors – put carpet patches on furniture feet to stop them scratching the finish. This also makes re-arranging furniture a lot easier!

  • If certain members’ of your family are prone to forgetting to do their chores – install a whiteboard, or chalkboard, in the kitchen as this is often the most visited room in the house. Write down daily activities and reminders, and make sure the person who is responsible for doing them that week notes it down so there are no double ups or misunderstandings.

  • To clean a two-story house – have a set of cleaning products kept on each floor. For example, cleaning supplies kept in the upstairs bathroom, and well as the downstairs bathroom, will save you time and effort carrying them around with you, and who knows, it may make it less of a chore.

Keep an eye out for more home life hacks from us later in the year.

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