New to renovation? Here’s some expert advice to help protect your property

If you’re just starting out with renovations to your home, you’ll need to make sure your property’s protected.

Our home and contents insurance expert, Aaron Dickinson, shares five important tips to help you get started.

  1. Ensure you insure – If you’ve just bought your first home you’ll want to protect it from accidental damage. It’s important to have insurance set up straight away to cover your home and contents – even if you are about to gut the place and start again. 

  2. Renovating vs decorating – If you’re about to embark on a BIG renovation let your insurance company know. The bigger the project the greater the potential for expensive accidents. With AA Insurance it’s not necessary if you’re just redecorating a room but big jobs, like adding a room or knocking down walls, will add value to the house and you want to make sure you’re covered.

  3. Add it up – Think about how much contents insurance you will need and don’t forget all those tools you’re using on the reno are worth a lot of money. How about the new outdoor furniture for the deck and all those appliances in the updated kitchen too?

  4. Lock it up – Look after your stuff during the renovation by keeping your tools safe, your new items like appliances locked away until they’re installed, and your house secure when it’s ‘down tools ‘at the end of the day.  It also pays to know the tradespeople who have access to your property, and let your neighbours know too.

  5. Secure your security – When you’re thinking about the renovation and its budget, think about how you can make the finished house safe and secure as well. Consider window latches, deadlocks, smoke alarms, and security alarms that will protect you and your home throughout the renovation process, as well as into the future.

About the writer:

As one of our executive team, Aaron’s responsible for developing insurance policies that meet our customers’ needs. Previously, he managed our home claims department, so knows a thing or two about looking after our customers’ home and contents as well as how they can best protect them.

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