Home Security in NZ. A quick snapshot.

We’ll be there for you if the unexpected happened at your place – but as with most things, prevention is far better than cure. So, we’ve dipped into our Home Security Survey for a few facts and created some helpful tips to keep your home, safe and secure.

63% of break-ins happen when we’re away for less than 24 hours. 

It’s surprising then, that only 55% of us actually turn the alarm on every time we leave the house – even for short trips. 

Men prefer to use an electronic alarm, while women are more likely to trust their canine pal to sound the alarm. 

In rural areas, dogs are a popular security measure, while dead-bolted doors and window locks are the go-to option for city dwellers.

Auckland is New Zealand’s most security-conscious city, with the highest number of houses with security per capita.

When it’s time for a holiday, 63% of us agree it’s a good idea to ask a friend to collect the mail and keep an eye on the house – even though most of us think a house sitter is more effective. 

85% of Kiwis lock up whenever we leave the house, even if we’re just popping down the road. 

20% of us leave a spare key hidden somewhere on the property. 

Despite the obvious risk, some of us still post on social media that we’re not at home. 

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