The great Kiwi shed, man cave and workshop

Kiwis have always been mad about man caves, silly about sheds, and wild about workshops. But the trend has grown, from the humble potting shed to purpose-build she-sheds, mini museums of collectables, and garages converted into sports bars.

According to the latest AA Insurance Home Security survey two thirds of us use our garage or shed for more interesting things than parking a car. Generally enjoyed year-round, these homely havens provide a great escape for some, or a place to gather for others.

Although, there’s a bit of a difference between the way sheds and garages are used, and also how we protect what’s kept inside.

For starters, sheds are mainly used for storage like garden equipment (73%) and tools (48%), with three in 10 neither locked nor covered by contents insurance. Garages, on the other hand, are mainly used for workshops (46%), with only one in 10 never locked, but 80% have contents cover.

These differences helps explain why more time is spent in a garage – over a third of us hang out in them for more than two hours every week - and why garages house more items of value; they often have better construction, storage, security and are in closer proximity to the main house.

But whatever the structure of your hideaway, it’s recommended you always lock it if it houses items of value, and also install smoke alarms, especially if there’s electricity. Also make sure you have enough contents cover for all your belongings, no matter where they are stored, and check your home policy sum insured has enough cover for your sheds and garages too. Then you’ll be protected should the worst happen.

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