Life hacks – little ways to make life easier

Make life easier with these smart solutions to life’s little problems.

Whether you're organising your home, getting creative or trying to fix things, here are a few hacks to get you started:

Too many keys? If you have a lot of similar keys on your key ring, paint each key a different colour so that you can identify the one you’re looking for at a glance.

Keep paint in the can. Put a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on and keep paint off the side of the can – and your floor. This could save you any potential claims if it drips onto the floor and can’t be cleaned off.

No drip icepack. Saturate a sponge in water before placing it in a resealable bag and popping in the freezer. These great little icepacks can go anywhere and won’t drip when they defrost.

Can’t find the puncture? Inflate the bike tyre as much as possible, before spraying it with soapy water. Bubbles will soon appear at the source of the puncture.

Scratches on wooden furniture. Remove scratches on wooden furniture by rubbing with a walnut and then polish it up with a soft cloth. The natural oils in the nut help to hide any scratches.

Keep the kids tucked in. If your kids fall out of bed when they sleep, tuck a pool noodle down the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet to give them a buffer.

Never lose your remote again. Put a couple of Velcro dots (the soft side) along the back of your remote controls, and the matching spiky dots to the side of your coffee table so you have a place to store them.

Clean up your cleaning products. Have you considered switching to eco-friendly cleaning products? These can be as effective as regular products and can be safer for your health and the environment, as they generally contain fewer harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for a handy way of storing your cleaning products, try hanging a shoe holder on the back of a cupboard door.

A watched pot. A watched pot never boils, at least not until you stop watching. So, to prevent a pot of water from boiling over, try putting a wooden spoon across the top of the pot like a small bridge. The spoon will pop the bubbles and prevent it from overflowing quickly.

Be prepared. As you organise your house and your possessions, why not take steps to protect yourself against the unexpected? Scan receipts, valuations and financial statements, take photos of your valuables and save them all in off-site or cloud-based storage. These can then be used as proof of ownership if you ever need to make a claim.

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