Renovation theft prevention

Like most Kiwi homeowners, thieves also love a bit of DIY, especially those newly purchased items. So here are some ways to proactively protect your home during a reno.

  • Consider the future security of your home. Renovating is a good opportunity to think about installing or upgrading a security alarm and hardwired smoke alarms. And don’t forget deadlocks on external doors and windows to keep you, and your property, safe.

  • Don’t leave burglars any clues. Break down packaging that’s lying around outside and dispose of it straight away. Put it in the bin or recycling, rather than advertising your new buys on the roadside.

  • Remove your valuables. If there are people coming and going from your property and your doors are open during renovations, consider keeping your valuables in a more secure location, and let your insurer know.

  • Secure your property at the end of the day. Once work has stopped for the day, lock the doors and windows, and put new appliances and building materials in a locked shed, along with tools, ladders and wheelie bins.

  • Check you’re covered. Once you’ve finished renovating, update your cover for the value you’ve just added to your home, like an extra room, garage or deck.

  • What about contents? At the same time you’re looking into your home insurance, check your cover for any contents you may have purchased, like that new furniture for the deck.

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