Fun school holiday activities that don't involve a screen

With the amount of exciting technology that we have access to these days, it’s no wonder kids are drawn to gadgets and screens. While we live in a digital age, it’s important to balance technology time with non-screen-based activities that encourage kids to thrive and have fun in a different way. To give you some inspiration these school holidays, we asked five staff members of young children to share their favourite activity to share with their kids.

Hunting for treasure

Maria, Project Manager at AA Insurance likes to take her girls to the beach or the park to find “treasures”. Her daughters have fun finding special shells, acorns and pretty leaves while out for a walk together, and they’ll often pack picnics to make an afternoon of it. Maria also suggests that as much as kids complain about being bored, when they are bored they also actually start to use their imagination and create their own games that you can be part of, which can be a lot of fun.

Rainy day fun

A rainy day for Malama, our Property and Facilities Manager, means bringing the fun inside. When the weather won’t play ball, Malama suggests creating an indoor obstacle course. “We start at the front door to our open plan dining and family room that consists of dining room chairs, couch cushions, bean bags, coffee tables, toys and whatever we can find that, and we jump from one to the other without touching the carpet – otherwise known as hot lava!”. You can also take it to the next level and have races to see who can get through the obstacles the fastest – winner takes all!

Are we there yet?

If you’ve planned a fun day trip outside of your city but find the car ride itself can be full of “are we there yet” questions along the way, Louise, our Customer Marketing Manager says “I downloaded the David Walliams books for the kids to listen to on our lengthy car trips. They’ve very entertaining for the kids as much as the adults!” Listening to children’s books like the series from David Walliams is a great way to enjoy the journey together and keep people in a great mood before you reach your destination.

Keeping active

Sunil, our Workforce Planning Team Leader says his son would love to be a couch potato, watching TV all throughout the school holidays, but he encourages him to get outside and they go on bike rides together. “We make a couple of bike trips to the CBD, heading along the cycleways and the local park. We’ll stop to rest and cool off with some water and maybe even an ice cream – if he’s been good!”

Get messy

What better way to have a bit of fun by making a mess? Riarna, Learning and Development Team Leader loves to make slime with her kids. “Yes, it’s messy. But it’s really fun and super easy! Just look on YouTube for inspiration – my favourite is the fluffy one with aftershave foam. So tactile!” Slime is easy to make, and you can get kids involved with the creation process as well as the fun of playing with it. You can also make many different types of slime by using different colours and textures, the options are endless.

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