Shoddy workmanship warning for DIYers and Weekend Warriors

18 October 2017

It’s that time of year again when would-be DIYers and Weekend Warriors - inspired by warmer weather, longer days, and home make-overs shows - pick up a hammer, trowel or pliers and take a stab at renovating their own homes.

But stop right there. If you’re undertaking some serious renovations at your place, like adding a room, garage, extensive decking or veranda, then you need to be aware your insurance cover is dependent on the work complying with current building laws and regulations.

Shoddy workmanship could not only end up costing you a packet to fix, but it could invalidate your insurance cover as well. So, unless you’re qualified to do the job then it’s probably wiser to hire a professional.

Most DIYers feel comfortable sticking with the cosmetic jobs, like painting and decorating, which are generally covered under your home policy for any accidental damage while work is being carried out. However, some types of building works and alterations aren’t covered by typical home policies and may require additional cover called Contract Works insurance. So, it pays to check that you’re covered by your insurer before you start any work - and make sure any contractor you hire has their own insurance too.


Regardless of whether you’re cocky, confident or cautious when it comes to DIY, accidents can and do happen and unlike the renovation shows on TV, most homeowners don’t have professionals on hand to give sound advice while they work.



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