Tick tock, change your clock

Remember to set your clocks forward an hour this Saturday night before heading off to bed, so 2am becomes 3am.

You get an hour back in your day.

While it may be tempting to get an extra hour to sleep in, the extra light in the day also means you have more time to do a safety check of your home and get some of those spring cleaning chores off your list. These might include:

  • Check your fire alarms are working. The NZ Fire Service can recommend the most effective fire alarms to get and the best place in your house to install them.

  • Home electrics WoF. It’s a good idea, especially if you live in an older home, to get a warrant of fitness for the wiring of your home on a regular basis to ensure everything is still functioning correctly, and there’s no chance of it being a fire hazard.

  • Check your property for any maintenance issues. It’s a requirement of your home insurance to keep it in good nick, so now’s a good time for repairing or replacing things like broken roofs, fences, and rusty pipes, clearing gutters of winter leaves and clipping overgrown trees.  

  • Review your emergency plan and survival kit should you and your family, as well as pets, need to evacuate. 

Unsure when daylight saving happens?

Each year daylight saving starts on the last Sunday in September. 

Do I turn the clock forward or backward?

Daylight saving coincides with the seasons of spring and autumn, or fall, as it’s known in the northern hemisphere. So, a good way to remember which way you should be turning the clock is to remember the seasons, as they also indicate the direction of the clock: spring forward, fall back.

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