Winter holiday boredom busters

If you’re sick of hearing ‘I’m bored’ these holidays then get the kids involved in a few boredom buster ideas that needn’t cost a fortune.

Cost Involved:

  • School holiday programmes - do a little googling to track down a range of holiday programmes for different age groups including those run by art galleries, councils, libraries, and YMCAs as well as the more traditional after school programmes.

  • Movies – there are always kids movies launched during the school holidays that even manage to keep the adults entertained. If this gets a bit pricey then check at the alternative below in the Free or Little Cost ideas.

  • Theatre group productions – while there may be touring professional theatre groups offering performance especially for children during the holidays, check out any local productions for a smaller, and often cheaper option. 

  • Be a tourist in your own city or town – take public transport into the city, grab a map and do a walking trip around the sites of your own city or town. You may be surprised how many attractions you’ve taken for granted, that perhaps your children have never experienced, including a trip on a bus or train. Pack a lunch and head to a park, or eat out if you’d prefer. You needn’t spend a lot of money on food – a simple treat like an ice cream in the big smoke may be the highlight of the day. 

  • Aquariums and animal parks – these are a great way for kids to learn as well as have fun. There are often touch tanks in aquariums or areas to pet the farm animals, and more often than not a kids’ play area to use up all that extra energy.

Free or Little Cost: 

  • Movies – why not create your own movie theatre in your living room. Hire a video, get the kids to create tickets (these can also be found in stationery shops) and ‘money’ to buy popcorn or a scoop of ice cream in a cone, draw the blinds and hit play. For a more ‘authentic’ theatre experience, create rows of seating, and don’t forget the reminder about turning all mobile phones off. 

  • Shopkeeper – get the kids to create some props like money, signage, a box for a cash register, so they’re all set up to ‘sell’ the goods they’ve nicely displayed from around the house, like supermarket goods, ornaments, books, or clothes. You, or their siblings or friends can then ask ‘how much?’, ‘does this come in my size?’  or ‘can I buy this?’ for that touch of reality.  And don’t forget to encourage them to dress up for their role, with a name badge or money belt.

  • Get outdoors when the weather is clear – lots of lovely family walking tracks, parks, and playgrounds, or even putting on your gumboots to splash about in puddles. How about a scavenger hunt for autumn treasures like pretty leaves, feathers, acorns and the like? Whoever gets the most treasures on the list wins, and they can then be used later as a collage, or kept as mementos. An alternative is to take photographs of each item and print them out later as artwork.

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