Get your holiday security sorted

You’ve packed your bags, left the cat with the neighbour, and organised some travel games for the kids. But what have you done to secure your home before heading away on holiday? Here are a few tips to help you get away.

Hide all valuables

Keep your valuable items out of sight, or hidden away so they can’t be seen from outside your home.

Remove bins and wood piles from windows and fences

Don’t give burglars a ‘leg up’ into your home.  Also lock your shed, put away your tools and trim trees and shrubs so there are no places for burglars to hide.

Lock cat flaps

And if you’re installing new access for kitty, avoid putting it within easy reach of door or window locks.

Don’t advertise you’re away

Keep tell-tale messages that your home is unattended off the answering machine, and social networking sites.

Talk to your neighbours  

Let them know you’re going to be away, leave your contact phone number, and ask them to clear your mail, put washing on the line, or park in your driveway. 

Use it or lose it

Alarms, security lights, and deadlocks on doors and windows will only work if you use them – even if you aren’t away for long.

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