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  • Checklist for leading change

    The number and rate of changes coming at us is like nothing we’ve seen before in human existence. It's one of the few constants to be found in all companies, big and small. So, leading change is going to be crucial.

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  • Who’s sexy enough for social media?

    I’m not sure if you’ve looked at your social media accounts this morning, but if you’re awake and are within arm’s length of your device, then you probably have.

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  • Will our kids need to learn to drive?

    Change is changing faster they say, and has a profound effect on our lives. How do people keep up? How do businesses and teams keep pace? Are we going to be driving cars in five years’ time? Perhaps we’ll all get hoverboards?

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  • It's just not cricket: how cheating reflects team culture

    It seems clear that cheating in the Australian cricket team reflects their culture, with these behaviours not only being acceptable, but appear to have become the norm.

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  • International Day of Happiness: It’s the little things that count

    It takes a bit of getting used to, but the trick is to notice and be grateful for all the little things that make your life a better.

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  • Why do we need an International Women's Day?

    New Zealand is the first to welcome each new day, which means today we’re also first to welcome in International Women’s Day. There will be those muttering why do we need an International Women’s Day at all? and you would have thought by 2018 it should be a moot point and unnecessary.

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  • AA Insurance announces new Head of Finance

    We have a history of developing and promoting our own people at AA Insurance. So it won't be surprising to learn Martin Chisholm is no stranger to our finance team. He takes up his new role as Head of Finance from March 5.

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  • How luck and New Year's resolutions can influence your career

    Luck, resolutions and change; they all occupy a similar space.

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  • How to keep staff engaged over Christmas

    As we head into the Kiwi summer, most of us are looking forward to spending time with family this Christmas, but give a thought to those who work through the silly season.

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  • Why personal work development opportunities shouldn't be based on gender

    Until writing this blog I’d never really given gender diversity a lot of thought. Why? Because I’ve never seen or felt any sort of judgement as a woman at AA Insurance that restricted my development or limited my opportunities.

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