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  • Saying no: the secret to innovation

    Steve Jobs once said the secret to innovation is "saying no to 1,000 things". We should all reflect on what we choose not to do as much as the things we decide to pursue.

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  • What makes a good leader?

    Investing in our people includes providing effective leadership aligned with our vision, values, purpose and strategy. I’ve seen many organisations with the fundamentals of vision and purpose in place, yet they still underperform and even fail.

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  • How are you, really? Discussing mental health in the workplace

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and today is World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme is Mental health in the workplace and as the Head of People and Capability at AA Insurance, it’s a very important matter to me.

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  • The future of insurance

    I just signed up for superannuation. I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and remember it was a good decision. I was sitting there yesterday, in the bank up on Constellation Drive, and I'm tapping away on the keyboard looking at some imaginary dollar figure that's supposedly going to protect me in the future, come what may.

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  • Sharing is caring – why businesses should talk to each other

    At AA Insurance we’re all about learning and sharing ideas. In the past, we’ve mainly kept this in-house, but just recently we hosted 50 fellow Contact Centre leaders from around New Zealand, and across various industries, to see what we do.

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  • Different strokes for different folks

    Remembering customer needs aren't all the same.

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  • Be.Employed internship at AA Insurance

    There are more ways to be a responsible corporate citizen than having your people plant trees or volunteer for charities. While giving time, and raising money is amazing, often it can be about opening the company’s doors and inviting others in to be part of the business for a period of time.

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  • Things I wish I could have told my 17-year-old self about driving

    It wasn't until I started working at AA Insurance in Claims that I realised just how important that little bit of insurance actually was.

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  • Benefits of working from home

    Traditionalists and critics may argue that staff working from home cannot be trusted to remain productive, or that their lack of physical team presence will dilute company culture. Well, I’m pleased to report that AA Insurance’s foray into offering a flexible work environment has proven to be just the opposite.

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  • Giving people a reason to care about insurance

    There are things in life that we care about more than others. Like most people I care most about family, including our two puppies – Baxter and Harry.

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