What's in a name?

We recently launched our new Limited Contents insurance product, designed for those starting out in life like students and renters, those who are downsizing, or those looking for a more affordable option.

As with many products on the market, it’s easy to overlook how long and how many people are involved behind the scenes to get them off the ground, from market scoping, to design, to testing and then launch. Then there is the name, which sounds like the easiest part of the whole project, but often isn’t. Because if you don’t get it right, things can become misleading. Let me explain.

Unlike the consumer goods industry (things like cola or baked beans), the financial industry is less prolific in the number of products it puts into the market over the course of a year. For AA Insurance at least, we introduce something new when we see a need for it, which means when customers are either telling us, directly or indirectly, that our current products aren’t always meeting their needs, or their needs have changed. We listen and then do something about it.

The tricky part comes when we try to convey what that new product is in its name. Again, unlike the consumer goods industry we can’t use whizz-bang adjectives and colourful prose to make it stand out from other products. No ‘mega’, ‘power’ or ‘ultras’ here!

As Toni Collinson, one of our product specialists at AA Insurance explains, “we know that names give purpose, identity, and are ultimately the thing that give an understanding of what a product is at a quick glance.

And at AA Insurance we aim to ensure all our products are named in a way that is reflective of the product itself and easily understood by customers. Our comprehensive car cover is called Comprehensive Car Insurance, our home cover is called Home Insurance, and so forth. Pretty simple, right? But how do we name a product that is for contents but only covers the ‘big stuff’ caused by acts of nature, or those of burglars, rather than the everyday accidents like a smashed tv screen, or red wine on the carpet?

Well, there were various stages we went through to find the right handle for our affordable contents product. We considered what the product aimed to do and who it was for, reviewed research, held focus groups, narrowed down our list of names and then held another focus group.

Phew! So, that was quite a bit of work - and all before we went through the process of gaining the WriteMark for our new product, as we have for our other products. Then while working through this, someone suggested that the name we had chosen could lead potential customers to think the product covered a reduced amount of contents rather than being a reduction in cover provided.  After going back through the research and feedback received, we agreed, and this led us to our new name, Limited Contents.

It is very important to us that our customers understand their policies. Naming our new contents product Limited Contents ensures existing and potential customers have the best possible understanding of what the product covers.”

I caught up with Toni this week and she tells me “so far, so good”. Limited Contents has now been in the market a few months and customers who are after this type of cost-effective option are embracing it, and with no confusion about what it is they are purchasing.

It took a while to get here, but we have ended up with a product that does what is says and says what it does, just as it should.

Gabby MacDonald

Product & Pricing Manager, AA Insurance

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AA Insurance is an independently operated, New Zealand-based joint venture between the New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA) and Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited (VINZL). Since 1994 we have demonstrated trusted expertise in home, contents and car insurance in New Zealand, and in 2018 introduced commercial small business insurance. We underwrite our own policies and sell direct to New Zealanders. Our 930+ staff look after over 480,000 customers with 970,000 policies.

We proudly partner with Variety NZ and Eden Park and have been consistently recognised by: Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands (since 2011) and Quality Service Awards for Car, and Home and Contents Insurance (since 2015), Kantar Customer Leadership Index (since 2019), Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers (2011-2018), and the Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index (since 2015) that recognises New Zealand’s most successful companies. AA Insurance was also named Consumer NZ People’s Choice award winner for car, home and contents (2019 and 2020).

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