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The insurance industry is full of good media stories, and now you can find out the news, views and ideas about what’s happening right here in our Thought Starters section. From common customer questions to company and industry news, we’re continually updating these ideas to provide inspiration or kick start your article. For more information contact our media team.

Latest thought starters:

Shared economy

  • How are Airbnb, Uber, Parkable, ONZO bikes, Lime scooters and other shared economy services affecting the way Kiwis insure themselves?

  • Is their legal liability covered?

  • What's next?

Differences in car insurance policies

  • What are the differences between comprehensive cover, third party and third party fire and theft? 

  • Do Kiwis fully understand the difference, or do they think they’re covered when they’re not? 

Insuring belongings in storage

  • Do you need different insurance? 

  • Do you need to let your insurer know? 

  • What’s the difference between the cover offered by your insurer and that offered by the storage facility?

Previous Thought Starters

Summer insurance

  • How to guard against fires this summer when you’re at the bach, having a BBQ or sitting around a brazier

  • On a road trip? Take precautions for all your travel gear – thieves don’t distinguish between tourists and locals when it comes to breaking into a car or van

  • Going to the beach? How to look after your belongings when you’re in the water

  • Summer home maintenance

Careers in insurance

  • Gender diversity in corporate New Zealand

  • Closing the gender pay gap

Will my insurance cover that?

  • Open homes – theft and damage caused during open homes

  • What to look for when buying a home ie unconsented work

  • Quirky contents claims i.e. Chinese sculpture, horse massager

Contents insurance

  • Top 5 contents insurance mistakes

    • If you don’t have enough cover, specify items, keep records of belongings, update your sum insured or read your policy

  • How do I protect my digital data?

How to save on your insurance

  • Why price shouldn’t be only consideration when buying insurance – how will I be treated a claim

Contents insurance

  • Am I covered while moving home? 

  • Do I need insurance if I’ve just moved into my first flat or am I covered by my parents’ insurance? 

  • What’s legal liability all about?

How to save on your insurance

  • Get the discounts, remove the bells and whistles, increase your excess, and shop around

Careers in insurance

  • How employees under 35 years can climb the corporate ladder

Demystifying the claims process

  • How long does it take for, say, a jewellery claim to get sorted? a stolen car claim? a broken window? 

  • Can I claim for items that were gifts? What do I need to provide? 

  • Why I need to pay an excess?

Do I need contents insurance

  • I don’t have a lot of stuff but I heard it’ll pay for things I could break in a store, or if my dog causes an accident. Is this true?

What your parents didn’t tell you about insuring your first car, flat, house...

  • Watch what you post on social media like those new expensive gifts at Christmas time or when you’re away on holiday. 

  • Can I catch thieves on social media – CCTV footage of people taking things from your business or home often do the rounds but is there a security/libel issue with doing this or does it actually help the police catch thieves?

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