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Paying for Your Policy– Your Questions Answered

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What cards do you accept?
Visa (includes Visa Debit), MasterCard, and American Express.

What information do I need?
You’ll need your policy and customer number, as well as the exact amount due. This information is on your latest policy letter - view an example policy letter to see where these are located.

I wish to make a change before I pay – what do I do?
It’s best to contact us on 0800 500 213 – we can make the change and take your payment all at once.

I’ve entered my card details - how do I know my policy has been paid?
You will automatically receive a unique 'payment reference' number that is linked to your policy. This is only generated once your payment is accepted.

I have more than one payment due at once, how do I pay?
If you have more than one letter, you will need to repeat the process in order to pay for all policies.

I'm ready to pay - what do I do next?
Click here to pay online now.