How can Business Contents and Stock insurance help?

Business Contents and Stock insurance covers your work possessions and stock which are normally kept at your place of business.

This insurance does not cover items like phones, laptops and tools, which are carried with you offsite. If you require cover for these types of items, we recommendPortable Contents and Stock Insurance.

  • Transit

    If your items are lost or damaged while they are in transit, we’ll cover you up to $5,000 per event.

  • Employee's possessions

    If your employee damages their personal possessions while they are being worn, carried or used in the course of their duties or employment, we’ll cover up to $5,000 per employee, per event.

  • Money

    If there is a physical loss of your business money, we’ll cover you up to $10,000 for loss from your business premises, or up to $2,000 for loss from your residential premises.

  • Software

    If there is an event covered by your policy which damages your electronic equipment, we’ll cover the cost to reset, reprogram or restore software, up to $50,000 per event.

  • Temporary removal

    If your items are lost or damaged while they are temporarily removed from your business premises, we’ll cover you up to the amount we would have paid had the damage happened at your business premises.

    Please note, this cover does not apply to business stock.

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This page is only a summary of key benefits, and application for cover is subject to underwriting acceptance. For full details, exclusions and limitations, please read the policy document.

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