Business Contents and Stock Insurance

Covers you for loss or damage to your contents and stock while at your business premises, and for certain items while they are in transit.

Why would I need Business Contents and Stock Insurance?

For some business owners, their equipment is the biggest investment they'll make. For others, the real money lies in their inventory. Whichever category your business falls into, protecting your workplace and the things inside it should be a priority. Our Business Contents and Stock Insurance protects against a host of risks, including some criminal acts. Please note that Business Contents and Stock Insurance only covers items that are normally kept at your work premises. For items that are carried with you offsite, like phones, laptops and tools, we recommend Portable Contents and Stock Insurance. 

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What does this mean for your industry?

What's covered?

  • Fire, burglary and water damage
  • Replacement or repair cover (at our option)
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Transit
  • Employee's personal effects
  • Protection costs
  • Demolition and other costs
  • Computer software

What's not covered?

  • Animals, plants and land
  • Computer virus and data corruption
  • Consequential losses (e.g. loss of use or value, business interruption, etc.)
  • Fraud and unexplained disappearance
  • Breakdown of some types of machinery
  • Faulty workmanship, design and materials
  • Moisture penetration / leaky buildings
  • Natural events and gradual processes (e.g. rust, rot, contamination, etc.)
  • Property not at your business premises
  • Theft by your employees

These lists highlight some of the inclusions and exclusions in this policy. For full details of all inclusions and exclusions, see the policy document.

Business Contents and Stock Insurance in action

A person standing outside a building that is on fire


Equipment Hire Owner / Operator

A fire damaged Aaleyah's building and it became clear that it would have to be demolished and rebuilt. Fortunately, her Business Contents and Stock Insurance covered the costs of the next few steps. Those included removing Aaleyah's undamaged property; removing and disposing items damaged beyond repair; repairing or replacing items where possible. To cover the costs of moving premises, you may want to consider Back in Business cover.

A police officer talking with a person outside a building with a broken window and door


Camera Retailer

Onnika's shop was burgled, with money, stock and even an employee's backpack among the things that were stolen. Her Business Content and Stock policy compensated Onnika for the stock and money belonging to her business, while the automatic Employee's Effects extension covered the employee for his loss.

A burglar sneaking away after stealing equipment from a vehicle


Motorcycle Repairer

Over $5,000 worth of Jorani's work equipment was stolen from his ute while he was on his way to an offsite job. While Business Contents and Stock Insurance is designed to protect your work premises, it also covers certain items while they are in transit. If your business is primarily mobile, or if you want cover on portable electronics such as mobile phones and laptops, you may want to consider a Portable Contents policy as well.

These fictional scenarios were created to illustrate the benefits of Business Contents and Stock Insurance. All claims are subject to the terms and conditions in the policy document.

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