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How can Deterioration of Stock insurance help?

If there is damage to your chilled or frozen stock due to accidental stoppage, malfunction or damage to a refrigeration unit used to store food, we will pay up to $2,000 for all goods in any one unit, up to total of $5,000 during the period of your insurance policy.

If your chilled or frozen stock is damaged whilst in a food truck or at a market stall, we will provide cover for you in the same way as if the damage happened at your business premises.

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This page is only a summary of key benefits, and application for cover is subject to underwriting acceptance. For full details, exclusions and limitations, please read the policy document.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is the breakdown of my refrigeration machinery covered under Deterioration of Stock insurance?

Deterioration of Stock insurance provides cover for your stock only. Equipment Breakdown insurance provides cover for the breakdown of your refrigeration machinery.

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If there is a power cut and I need to move my frozen stock, can I make a claim for this cost?

Yes, if you need to protect your frozen stock from being damaged by moving it to alternate storage premises, we will contribute up to $2,000 per chilled unit, or $5,000 in total.

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