Back in Business Insurance

Covers your reduction in business income when accidental damage prevents your business from operating as it normally would.

Why would I need Back in Business Insurance?

Damage to your work premises can cause ongoing problems, especially if you have to close your doors while making repairs. You may not be earning, but suppliers still want to be paid, and employees still need their wages. Back in Business Insurance bridges the gap between what you'd normally earn and what you actually earn, and covers some expenses related to the closure. You also have the option of deferring your indemnity period, in case you want to put off carrying out the building repairs until a few months later, when a busy trading period is finished. Please note, you must also hold Portable Contents and Stock and/or Business Contents and Stock Insurance cover to buy Back in Business Insurance, and can only claim if the property that you insured under those policies is damaged. 

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What does this mean for your industry?

What's covered?

  • Reduction in turnover
  • Increase in cost of working
  • Additional increased cost of working
  • Reinstatement of records
  • Claim preparation costs
  • Loss of rent receivable for property owners
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Deferral of your indemnity period
  • First-aid costs

What's not covered?

  • Computer virus and data
  • Fraud and unexplained disappearance
  • Breakdown of machinery
  • Faulty workmanship, design or materials
  • Motor vehicles, watercraft or aircraft
  • Natural events and other processes, e.g. rust, rot, contamination etc.

These lists highlight some of the inclusions and exclusions in this policy. For full details of all inclusions and exclusions, see the policy document.

Back in Business Insurance in action

A man in front of a damaged building


Land Developer

After an earthquake damaged the office building she worked in and the property she kept there, Kimbra found that her landlord wouldn't start repairs for another 8 months. Luckily, she could remain in the building and keep trading in the interim, but the repairs themselves would take another 10 months to complete. With Back in Business Insurance, she was able to defer the start date of her cover until her landlord started repairs, ensuring that she was covered right up until the office re-opened.

A police officer talking with a person outside a building with a broken window and door


Service Station Owner

After a violent robbery at her service station, Charli was forced to close her doors for several days while the police completed their investigation. Back in Business Insurance made up the difference between her expected and actual income, helping her to get through a difficult time. She was also able to claim for the cost of her accountant quantifying the claim, and to replace first-aid items used in the immediate aftermath of the robbery.

A person standing outside a building that is on fire


Automotive Spray Painter

The factory that supplied Eponi with unique colours and finishes abruptly closed down after a fire, forcing her to pass on a job while she was finding a new source. By bridging the income gap, her Back in Business policy helped limit the damage to her profitability.

These fictional scenarios were created to illustrate the benefits of Back in Business Insurance. All claims are subject to the terms and conditions in the policy document.

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