Employee Theft Insurance

Covers you for physical theft of money or property (but not computer-based crime).

Why would I need Employee Theft Insurance?

People can surprise you - and not always in a good way. If an employee violates your trust by stealing, the financial consequences can be severe, ranging from missing cash to loss of inventory. Employee Theft covers the actions of current, ex-, and temporary employees. 

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What does this mean for your industry?

What's covered?

  • Theft of your cash or goods
  • Theft of your customer's cash or goods
  • Social club funds
  • Theft by temporary staff

What's not covered?

  • Online cash transfers
  • Fraud
  • Interest or consequential loss
  • Loss caused by an employee you knew to be dishonest
  • Loss showed only by an inventory count or profit and loss analysis
  • Intentional acts by anyone with an ownership interest in your business
  • Improper financial gain obtained by any employee in the form of salaries, commissions, etc

These lists highlight some of the inclusions and exclusions in this policy. For full details of all inclusions and exclusions, see the policy document.

Employee Theft Insurance in action

A burglar running from an office carrying a sack of money



Kevin's business took a hit when a trusted bookkeeper was caught banking any cash customers paid into her own bank account. Employee Theft Insurance helped Kevin undo $4,000 in financial damage and keep his customers and creditors happy. Had Kevin known about his employees history of fraud before he hired her, the claim would not have been paid.

A police officer talking with a person outside a building with a broken door


Packaging Supplier

Colin's secured premises were burgled, and expensive work equipment was stolen. A police investigation revealed that it was a recent ex-employee who had carried out the burglary. Because AA Small Business Employee Theft Insurance includes cover for theft committed by any former employee within 30 days of termination of employment, Colin was compensated for the total value, minus excess, allowing him to replace his gear.

A burglar breaking into a vehicle to steal equipment


Sport Coach

Patrick hired several temporary workers through an employment agency to help out during the school holidays. On the last day of her contract, one of the workers took off with a carload of Patrick's equipment. The employment agency refused to accept responsibility, stating that the worker had passed a background check. Fortunately, Patrick's policy extended to theft by temporary staff members.

These fictional scenarios were created to illustrate the benefits of Employee Theft Insurance. All claims are subject to the terms and conditions in the policy document.

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