Contents Insurance Claims

Making a claim is simple. Our team of dedicated Customer Managers will make sure your claim is processed and your damaged or stolen possessions are repaired or replaced, so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

1. Make sure your home is safe and secure

If your home has been damaged, make sure everyone involved is safe and, if you need to, call emergency services. For example, if there has been a theft, burglary or vandalism, or an attempt at these, call the police immediately. Once it’s safe to do so, you should make sure your home is secure.

2. Submit a claim

Report your claim online - One of our Customer Managers will get in touch within two working days.

Or call us on 0800 500 216 if your situation is urgent – it will take about 15 minutes to lodge your claim. Let us know if your home is no longer safe or secure.

3. We'll get you sorted

A Customer Manager will keep you fully informed about your claim's progress. They will ensure that any damaged property covered by your policy will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to normal.

Make a claim

We like to make claim time as easy and stress-free as possible, simply select the product you need to claim on in the drop-down box below.