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To make sure you have the right cover for your house, you’ll also need to estimate the cost of rebuilding it. That’s because house insurance is based on the rebuilding costs. It’s called your sum insured, which is the maximum we’ll pay to rebuild your home in the event of a natural disaster. We also use the sum insured as a basis for settling non-natural disaster claims.

What do I need to do?

I want to switch my insurance to AA Insurance:

  1. Calculate your rebuild cost Already know your rebuild cost? Then you're ready to get a quote. But if you need to work the cost out, or check it's still up-to-date use the house insurance calculator or contact a professional.

  2. Get a quote It’s simple to get a home insurance quote. Just call us on 0800 500 216, or get a quote online.

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I'm buying house insurance for the first time:

  1. Learn about sum insured  It's well worth understanding sum insured so you know what’s involved before you work out your rebuild costs. More about sum insured.

  2. Calculate your rebuild cost  To work out your rebuild cost, use the house insurance calculator or contact a professional.

  3. Get a quote  Once you have the costs worked out call us on 0800 500 216, or get a quote online.

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I'm already with AA Insurance:

To make sure you have the right cover, re-calculate your rebuild cost whenever you make changes to your home (redecorate or renovate). Each time your policy renews it’s also worth checking the cost is still up-to-date.

  1. Calculate your rebuild cost

    You can check your rebuild cost using the house insurance calculator or by contacting a professional.

  2. Update your rebuild cost

    Once you have the updated costs worked out, give us a call on 0800 500 216 or contact us to update your sum insured online.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Cordell Online Calculator?

Cordell is an independent company that provides building replacement cost calculators that have been in use overseas for several years. Cordell has created a New Zealand version of its building calculator. The Cordell Sum Sure Calculator uses typical building replacement costs derived from Cordell's industry research to provide an estimated building replacement cost. The Cordell Online sum insured calculator does not take into account every possible feature of a home - it only takes into account the features and information that it asks you, the customer, to input.

Cordell will only provide an estimate based on typical building replacement costs and the cost of replacing your home will depend on the specific details of your home.

You are responsible for deciding whether the estimate provided by the Cordell Online Calculator is right for you to use it as the sum insured for your home.

The Cordell Online Calculator does not provide advice. If you want advice on the cost of replacing your home you should contact a builder, architect, quantity surveyor or other valuation expert.

What is sum insured and how does it affect my home insurance?

AA Insurance offers home insurance based on a sum insured.

You are responsible for providing us with the sum insured amount, determining its adequacy and keeping it up-to-date. To select a sum insured, you need to determine the cost of completely rebuilding your home, including features such as swimming pools, fences, sheds and paving. For full details of what to include in the sum insured, please refer to our Home Insurance policy.

The sum insured is the maximum AA Insurance will spend to rebuild your home in the event of a natural disaster.

Why can't we calculate your rebuild cost for you?

Because no one knows your home or situation better than you do, it needs to be up to you to provide your sum insured. Each home is unique, made from a variety of different materials, to different qualities and sizes, and it is important that the sum insured reflects this.

If you get an online quote for your Home Insurance on, you'll notice we've included questions from the Cordell Sum Sure Calculator. This is to give you an indication of how much your sum insured could be. However, it's up to you to check this figure, to make sure it's right for you and your circumstances.

Other ways to calculate your rebuild cost

builder, architect, quantity surveyor or other valuation expert can also estimate the rebuild cost for your property, which is a good idea if your home is a bespoke or high spec build. Start by using these sites to find a registered expert near you:

New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Registered Master Builders

New Zealand Institute of Valuers

Please note: This is general information and is not a recommendation, opinion or guidance on the sum insured that is appropriate for any of our customers. Nor does this information provide any advice or opinion on the extent or adequacy of the cover provided by sum insured insurance. This information is not personalised financial advice and does not take into account the particular situation of our customers. Customers must make their own decision on the sum insured that is appropriate for their circumstances.