Seven tips to help you look after your property

Two people are maintaining their property by painting the outside of the house.

It's a good idea to set some time aside on a regular basis during the year to thoroughly inspect your property. If you need to make repairs, always use the right equipment if doing the work yourself or, if it's a big job, hire a professional. This can help maintain your home in good repair, which in turn can help you meet the conditions of your insurance policy.

Here are a few ways to help look after your property.

  1. Wish list – make a list of the things you'd like to do around the house. This list may cover you for the next 12 months, and it may be that you need to prioritise some tasks or save up for others. At the end of the 12 months, reassess the list to see if you still need the work done. It's always beneficial to have an emergency fund to help you should the unexpected happen.

  2. No time to waste – if something is broken or damaged, try and get it repaired as soon as you can before the problem escalates and the solution becomes more costly.

  3. Roof and gutter care – when the weather is warm and dry, get your roof checked, clear your gutters, and make any necessary repairs that could cause severe damage in the future.

  4. Home electrics W.o.F. – it's a good idea, especially if you live in an older home, to get a warrant of fitness for the wiring of your home on a regular basis to ensure everything is still functioning correctly.

  5. Annual chimney sweep – if you have a fireplace and use it to keep you warm in winter, it's a good idea to sweep your chimney regularly. If you use your fireplace in the autumn, winter and the start of spring, then a good time to sweep your chimney might be at the start of each autumn, or before your first fire. Sweeping your chimney before you start using it each year, will help prevent it from becoming a fire hazard.

  6. Find the mains – it's good to know where your water mains actually are before an emergency strikes. The meter number is on your water rates bill as well as on the meter itself, so make sure these numbers match up.

  7. Check your hot water cylinder – cylinders should last 10-20 years but if they fail they can do a lot of expensive damage. If you have just moved into a new house, it's worth finding out how old the water cylinder is and getting it checked out by a plumber if it's past the 10 year mark.

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