Sum Sure helps take the guesswork out of calculating sum rebuild cost

If you’re struggling to calculate the cost of rebuilding your home, then we’ve got some good news. AA Insurance is giving customers added confidence with the introduction of Cordell Sum Sure, the next generation in online calculators.

While most of our customers have adjusted well to sum insured, some have found the process time-consuming and complicated. A few continue to unwittingly consider the purchase price, or real estate market value, of their home as the basis for their sum insured.

We wanted to help our customers make informed decisions about their home’s reconstruction cost - and get a more accurate sum insured figure - so we looked to Cordell Sum Sure to help close the underinsurance gap.

Now all you need to do is type your property’s address into the calculator and details about your home are automatically gathered. You simply check everything’s correct and up-to-date, and hey presto, up pops an estimated reconstruction cost including demolition and site clearance costs, as well as required council and professional fees. The whole process generally takes less than five minutes.

Cordell Sum Sure, by CoreLogic, is the new improved version of the original Cordell Online Calculator. It’s considered New Zealand’s first and only automated reconstruction cost estimation tool that provides a fast, fact based figure with minimal input from homeowners and helps take much of the guesswork out of calculating home insurance.

The costs involved in building are constantly being updated in the Sum Sure database to reflect changes in the market, so you don’t need to worry about keeping up with the price of materials, labour and the like - it’s all taken care of.

And just like the original online calculator, Cordell Sum Sure is free to use and works well for standard homes. But, as with the old system, if you don’t have a standard home then it’s a good idea to consult a qualified professional.

You can try out the Cordell Sum Sure calculator here.

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