What Makes a Car a Classic?

29 May 2017

Like many things in life, what constitutes a classic can be subjective. Unlike an antique, it’s not always related to age or indeed monetary value. That said, most have had considerable time and money thrown at them to state a pretty good case. But oddly, when it comes to cars it’s often comparable to what makes a classic song, and how it makes you feel; the emotional value.

At AA insurance we consider a classic car to be someone’s pride and joy, their Sunday drive car. It’s not used every day to chug into work, drop the kids at school or pick up the groceries. Heaven forbid!

No, it’s more likely to be one of the family, and loved almost as much. But there are always a few nuances, so here’s a rough guide to the types of classics we insure.

Classic cars are usually older vehicles with historical interest that makes them collectible and worth preserving. The intention of our Classic Vehicle policy is to offer cover for a car, van or other type of treasured vehicle that’s only occasionally driven and well looked after.

Some later model vehicles may also be considered a classic. These are generally rare, hard to find, or are believed to one day be collectable.

Some customers may have a car that most of us would consider as a pretty ‘everyday’ car. However, to the customer it is so special that they are part of a car club, take extra care of it, and only take it out on the occasional Sunday drive or rally. So we consider each vehicle on its own merits, including how the customer uses it.

If in doubt about your metal ‘baby’ then give our team a call to find out more.


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