Six top tips for windscreen care

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In the summer months at AA Insurance, we see up to 20 per cent more windscreen repairs and replacements than our yearly average, and 30 per cent more than in winter. Given the increased number of drivers on the roads over summer, these numbers make complete sense, but it’s no less frustrating when a glass chip or crack puts a halt to your travel.

So, if you’ve picked up a chip or two over the summer, we’ve put together some tips on looking after your windscreen:

1. If your windscreen has any chips, get them repaired immediately. Many can be easily filled with a special resin to prevent them from spreading, which is much cheaper and less time consuming than having a windscreen replaced later down the track. It’s worth noting that if the chip is larger than 25mm, your car will fail its Warrant of Fitness.

2. Take care and go easy - vibrations caused by driving, hitting a pothole or even slamming your car doors will encourage a chip to expand.

3. If there’s more of a crack than a chip in your windscreen, you’ll need it replaced for your own driving safety. Talk to your insurer as this may be covered under your policy.

4. If there’s any rust on the surround of your windscreen or it’s looking worn or cracked, this may weaken its integrity or prevent it from remaining watertight, so get it repaired or replaced.

5. If you notice arc shaped scratches on the glass, then consider cleaning or replacing your windscreen wipers. Chances are they’re either worn out, or have something trapped under them like dirt or sand that is being pulled across the glass. Don’t forget the rear wiper as well.

6. For maximum visibility, clean your windscreen and windows, inside and out, with the right fluid like water and vinegar, or special car window cleaner. Avoid ammonia-based household window cleaners, especially if your windows are tinted.

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