Hello sunshine. Goodbye sunnies?

A couple in sunglasses walking along the beach.

The summer weather’s here and, when the sun’s out, we go out. And that can mean keeping hold of our possessions gets tricky. It’s all too easy to lose glasses or sunglasses at the beach, in the water or over the side of a boat!

With the average annual cost for New Zealanders sitting at $459 for glasses and $316 for contact lenses*, losing your favourite pair isn’t just inconvenient; it can also be expensive. If you have comprehensive Contents Insurance with us, you’ll be happy to hear that you can choose to reduce your excess for claims on your glasses, sunglasses and contacts lenses. Thanks to our optional extra, you can brighten up those dark days and bring the excess payable on your eyewear claim down to just $100. Even better, this includes both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

How the $100 excess on eyewear works

1. Call us on 0800 500 231 and we can add this benefit to your Contents Insurance policy for just $69 annually.

2. If you ever need to claim for lost or damaged eyewear, you’ll only pay a $100 excess on each claim – providing there is no loss or damage to any other item of your contents and you’re only claiming to repair or replace eyewear. So instead of forking out a small fortune for a new pair of sunnies (especially if you love those designer brands!) you’ll only pay the $100 excess.

3. Anything that matches your previous prescription is covered, including additional coatings on lenses etc. Any upgrades that you may need after an updated eye test are not covered.

4. We know how important it is to get back out there and make the most of summer, so our dedicated Claims Assist team will pick up your claim promptly and get it sorted.

5. The $100 excess on eyewear cannot be added to our Limited Contents policy. Your Limited Contents policy covers you for any loss or damaged to eyewear, but only in the events covered by the policy (a burglary, fire, storm, flood or natural disaster).

If you want to upgrade your policy or add on the $100 excess on eyewear option to your comprehensive Contents Insurance policy, please call us on 0800 500 231 and we’ll be happy to help.

Summer’s a great time for letting your hair down and soaking up the fun. Make sure your eyewear’s protected so you're covered should your sunnies go for a swim .

*Source of statistic on annual average cost of glasses and contact lenses: Canstar Blue www.canstarblue.co.nz/health-beauty/optometry/

Any questions?

Now’s a great time to review your insurance. We recommend checking your details are up to date and ensuring the policy and cover you’ve chosen is right for you and your insurance needs.

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