Savings on your premium

Multi Policy Discounts

Get a Multi Policy Discount when you take out any two, or more, policies together. Depending on when you take out your policies, your discount will be applied at the time you pay, or as a refund once your policies have been issued. 

AA Member Discount

AA Members get exclusive discounts with AA Insurance. The longer you've been a Member, the higher the discount.

The table and information below provide a summary of AA Member Discounts exclusive to AA Members, and the terms and conditions of how they are applied:

AA Member Years Comprehensive Third Party / Third Party Fire & Theft
Home / Landlord

1 to 4 $10 $5 $5 $10
5 to 9 $25 $5 $5 $15
10 to 14 $35 $10 $10 $30
15+ $50 $10 $10 $50  

1. The AA Member Discounts are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without prior notice to the policy holder.
2. AA Member Discounts do not apply to caravan, trailer, vintage car, hull, or motorcycle.
3. AA Member Discounts are only applicable to financial personal AA Memberships. They do not apply to the following:
 - AA Business Care Membership.
 - Policies where the motor vehicle is a fleet vehicle used for business purposes.
 - Policies where the home is insured under a body corporate account.
4. AA Member Discounts are annual dollar discounts. The dollar discount is based on a 12 month policy period. Any policy less than 12 months will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the period since the start date of the policy.
5. AA Member Discounts are deducted from the total annual premium due.
6. AA Member Discounts are calculated and applied at the start date of a new policy and at the annual renewal of a policy.
7. Policy holders' personal information is held pursuant to our privacy policy and subject to the Privacy Act 1993.