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Trust our award-winning service to be there for you when you need us most. Protect the things you value from burglary, fire, storm, flood and natural disaster.

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Protect the things you value

Cover for loss or damage to your contents caused by burglary, fire, storm, flood or natural disaster.

Business tools and equipment

and equipment are covered for up to $2,500 per event. For full business cover, please see our Small Business Insurance

New for old

If something you own is stolen or damaged, we'll do our best to replace it with a new, like-for-like item, or the nearest available equivalent.

Helping you save

with higher excesses

Legal liability

If you accidentally damage someone else's property we'll cover you for up to $2 million if you were legally liable.

More reasons to choose us

Buy, manage, and claim online

New Zealand call centre

Personal Claim Manager

24/7 claims support

Cancel your policy anytime

Optional extras

Mobile phone cover

You can choose to add cover so that your mobile phones will be covered for theft, accidental loss and accidental damage.

Laptop and tablet cover

You can choose to add cover so that your laptops and tablets will be covered for theft, accidental loss and accidental damage.

Be mindful of

Check if you have enough cover for your contents with this contents calculator.

This page contains a summary of key benefits. Excesses, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply to these policies. Please read the policy document for full details of cover. The provision of cover is subject to the underwriting criteria that apply at the time.

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Limited Contents

This policy

For loss or damage from burglary, fire, storm or natural disaster only, except for items you choose an optional extra for.

Optional extra

Optional extra

Optional extra:

Optional extra

Optional extra:

Optional extra

$1,000 limit applies

$500 limit applies

$3,000 adjustable limit

$2,500 adjustable limit

Policy documents

Additional documents

Looking for your or ? You can request these through My AA Insurance by navigating to the 'Your documents' section under the relevant policy.


If you have been in an accident

First, make sure that everyone is safe and out of danger - call an ambulance, the police or other emergency services departments if necessary.

What to do at claim time

A warning side next to a house.

Make sure your home is safe and secure

If your home has been damaged, make sure everyone involved is safe and, if you need to, call emergency services. For example, if there has been a theft, burglary or vandalism, or an attempt at these, call the police immediately. Once it's safe to do so, you should make sure your home is secure.

A staff at help desk answering a call

Submit a claim

Report your claim online, and one of our Customer Managers will get in touch within five working days. Or call us on 0800 500 216 if your situation is urgent - it will take about 15 minutes to lodge your claim. Let us know if your home is no longer safe or secure.

A guy and a cat sitting on a couch.

We'll get you sorted

A Customer Manager will keep you fully informed about your claim's progress. They will process your claim as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to normal.

Things to keep in mind

A padlock.

Securing and maintaining your contents

You must, at your cost and expense, maintain your contents in good repair, secure your contents, and take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss occurring.

Two receipts next to another.

Proof of purchase

If you need to make a claim on your contents, receipts and valuations are a good way to show what you are claiming on. If you don't have a receipt of valuation, you can also use photos, financial statements or records kept by the shop where you purchased the item.

A gaming controller.

Wear and tear

As our policies are designed to cover sudden and unforeseen damage, we don't cover loss that occurs over time, such as wear and tear.


Customer testimonial

Jacinda's story

We put our customers' needs first and pride ourselves on working with them to help eliminate stress and uncertainty.

Fortunately for Jacinda, she had car and contents insurance with us. So when she had to claim on both her car and her phone on the same day, we kept in touch through the entire process. And we sorted both her phone and her car within a week.

"I felt like someone was actually on my side the whole way through"