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  • Purpose in a crisis

    The Covid-19 crisis highlighted the importance of adapting to the rapidly changing needs of New Zealanders. At AA Insurance, we were one of the first insurers to announce our customer response to Covid-19.

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  • Just like a first date, customers trust you until they don’t

    If you want to earn trust on your first date, you wouldn't try building it with a folder of written testimonies about your reliability from friends and family. In fact, it would be the opposite, because people inherently trust one another until the trust is eroded.

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  • Creating change…one shimmy at a time!

    AA Insurance is the first New Zealand insurer, and largest organisation in the country, to take part in the 2020 International Shimmy Mob that helps raise awareness of domestic violence and supports victims of abuse.

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  • Finding the lockdown silver linings

    While we all adjust to the new normal of the COVID-19 lockdown, it may seem a bit optimistic to say there are some silver linings, but optimism is what we need right now, especially as we face the unknown.

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  • What do CFOs and climate change have in common?

    It’s like a joke without a punchline, really; what do a room full of Chief Financial Officers have in common with climate change? At first glance, not a lot. But we do have an important role and, unsurprisingly, it involves something we’re all passionate about - finance.

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  • A milestone to be proud of

    We are proud to announce that AA Insurance has been accredited the DVFREE Tick from Shine, a leading New Zealand specialist domestic abuse service provider.

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  • Australian bushfires a stark reminder of the value we place in home

    Given that so much of our past, present and future is gathered in the place we call home, I can’t help but think of those who face the daunting prospect of creating that place all over again.

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  • Businesses should take a role in reducing domestic violence

    Family violence is a delicate subject to broach, and isn’t always physical with obvious marks, but if an employer takes an explicit, pro-active and supportive stance, there is more chance of people being open about their circumstances and getting the support they need.

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  • Hope is not a plan. Assumption is not a strategy.

    Last week's devastating fire at the SkyCity Convention Centre is a reminder of the importance of having a robust Business Continuity Plan in place and certainty about who’s responsible for what.

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  • Avoid using the 'B' word this World Mental Health Day

    I have been making a big effort to refrain from using the ‘B’ word lately; busy. Busy is such an easy word to use, and one we hear a lot day-to-day. It has such a negative connotation, doesn’t it?

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