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  • How luck and New Year's resolutions can influence your career

    Luck, resolutions and change; they all occupy a similar space.

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  • How to keep staff engaged over Christmas

    As we head into the Kiwi summer, most of us are looking forward to spending time with family this Christmas, but give a thought to those who work through the silly season.

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  • Why personal work development opportunities shouldn't be based on gender

    Until writing this blog I’d never really given gender diversity a lot of thought. Why? Because I’ve never seen or felt any sort of judgement as a woman at AA Insurance that restricted my development or limited my opportunities.

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  • What makes a great youth employer?

    After AA Insurance won the industry awards for Youth Insurance Professionals Employer in 2016, and was recognised as a finalist this year, Home Claims Manager Tom Bartlett reflects on what makes a great employer for those aged 35 and under.

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  • Workplace harassment: enough is enough

    Harassment covers a wide range of behaviours of an offensive nature. It is commonly described as behaviour that disturbs or upsets, and can be repetitive. It can come in many guises in workplaces and is unacceptable in any circumstance.

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  • Motor repair trades are crying out for skilled workers: what’s the solution?

    Like some New Zealand industries at the moment, motor repair trades are having a tough time finding skilled workers. So, we’ve introduced a programme designed to support new apprentices within our Quality Repairer Network.

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  • Saying no: the secret to innovation

    Steve Jobs once said the secret to innovation is "saying no to 1,000 things". We should all reflect on what we choose not to do as much as the things we decide to pursue.

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  • What makes a good leader?

    Investing in our people includes providing effective leadership aligned with our vision, values, purpose and strategy. I’ve seen many organisations with the fundamentals of vision and purpose in place, yet they still underperform and even fail.

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  • How are you, really? Discussing mental health in the workplace

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and today is World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme is Mental health in the workplace and as the Head of People and Capability at AA Insurance, it’s a very important matter to me.

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  • The future of insurance

    I just signed up for superannuation. I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and remember it was a good decision. I was sitting there yesterday, in the bank up on Constellation Drive, and I'm tapping away on the keyboard looking at some imaginary dollar figure that's supposedly going to protect me in the future, come what may.

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