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Third Party Insurance

With Third Party car insurance, if you accidentally damage someone else's car or property we'll take care of the costs, including the legal bill - even if it's your fault.

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third party car insurance

Third Party insurance policy benefits:

legal liability cover

Legal liability cover

If you are responsible for damage to someone else's vehicle or property we'll protect you against any claim they may make, up to $20 million.

uninsured accident cover

Uninsured accident cover

If there's an accident and you weren't at fault but you can identify who was and they're uninsured, we'll pay up to $4,000 to repair your car.

No Fault, No Excess

If you're in an accident that wasn't your fault and you can identify whose fault it was, you may not have to pay any excess. Please see the Third Party car insurance policy document for more details. 

Your personal Customer Manager

Your personal contact at AA Insurance who looks after you when you make a claim. They'll keep you fully informed, making sure things stay on track and hassle-free.

Customer Service Centres*

Exclusive to AA Insurance! A one-stop-shop to help get you back on the road again as quickly as possible if your car’s damaged. We’ll get your car assessed, quoted on, repaired, painted and quality checked – so you can get on with life.

*Auckland and Hamilton only

AA Member Discounts

Exclusive to AA Insurance! Even better value for AA Members. AA Member Discounts are dollar discounts that save you money every year on key insurance policies. The longer you've been an AA Member, the better the discount.

third party insurance policy document

Requesting a Policy Document

If you want to learn more about our Third Party car insurance policy, please view the following document:

If you currently have 3rd party car insurance with us and would like a copy of your policy document, we can send you the appropriate policy according to your last renewal date.