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If you’re heading away for the break, or even only out for the day, here are a few ways to keep your property safe while you’re gone.

Store away outdoor items

April weather is often unpredictable so it’s a good idea to move your garden furniture and BBQ into the garage before you go away, and tie your trampoline down. If a storm strikes you don’t want them bouncing around damaging your property, or that of your neighbours’.

Don’t give burglars a chance

While you’re at it put away items like wheelie bins, ladders and wheel barrows that could give potential burglars a leg up into a window or help ferry away your belongings.

Everybody needs good neighbours

It’s also a good idea to let the neighbours know you’re away, ask them to collect the mail and give them a contact number just in case something happens or your alarm activates.

Tidy up

If you have time before you go, mow the lawns to make the place looks like it’s occupied, and trim trees and shrubs so there are no places for burglars to hide. Why not get a head start on those home maintenance jobs too? The most common types of storm damage are to fences, roofs and guttering, with fallen branches shattering windows and loose tiles allowing water into ceiling.

Safety first

Put away all your valuables that you’re not taking with you, like jewellery and electronics. You don’t want burglars to be able to see these things from the outside of your home, like on your dresser or the kitchen table.

Alarming alarms

Install and test smoke alarms so you know they’re working should anything happen. Having your neighbours know you’re away will alert them to a problem faster should they hear an alarm activate.

Digital data

If you don’t already, back up your digital images, documents and videos regularly, and keep a copy away from the original such as on an online platform like iCloud. While your digital devices can be replaced by insurance, the data with your memories generally can’t.

Protect your property

Check your home and contents insurance is up-to-date, as burglaries often happen while homeowners are away. And don’t forget your car insurance too, especially if you’re driving to your destination. If you’re heading overseas, then you will need travel insurance to cover you and your belongings.

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